Patio and Decking Clean in London

Saturday 27th April 2019 at 09:00

After a lovely bank holiday weekend, sadly the weather was not kind to us this time round!
The wind was extremely strong, and going over the Dartford bridge was a bit of a challenge - but safe to say we made it in one piece!

Luckily when we arrived at the destination the worst was over and we soon started the job.
Our customer made us a lovely cup of coffee (forgot to ask what brand it was!) and was soon refuelled with energy!

We had previously repaired some of the patio for the customer, and was booked in to give the areas a sealent for protection, But first it was time to clean the areas ready for the sealant.

The cleaning brought up the colours in the block work, and the areas really looked lovely.

The customers were very happy but most importantly we got the 'ok' from their dog Stanley!

We look forward to seeing them all very soon.