Tree planting re-generation works

IMG_1046We are working towards completion of the creation of 700 tree pits for the planting of new trees within the Lambeth Council District in London.

The trees are planted in various streets and main roads throughout the borough as part of the on going re-generation works throughout the Borough.

These are planted to create “Avenues” of flowering trees that add colour to the local area and in addition it allows communities to plant trees in parts of cities that need it most. This will in turn grow stronger neighbourhoods, enhance urban landscapes and improve health and happiness.

Street trees play a vital role in greening urban spaces. Particularly in industrial areas or where green space is minimal, street trees provide corridors for wildlife to move in search of food and habitat and also absorb pollutants from the air. Trees in the street can provide a barrier against noise pollution, raise the value of property and regulate temperature; a tree outside your window provides a connection with nature, marking the seasons and having a positive impact on stress.

IMG_1045Block Paving Maintenance are proud to be part of such an important project that will give so much back to the community.

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