Bradstone paving patio installation, Billericay, Essex

This new patio installation was created using Bradstone patio slabs and a slab circle pack to the seating area. The new patio replaced old concrete and slab paths to leave a very functional patio for the client.

 Bradstone new patio installation, Billericay, Essex
Bradstone slab - new patio installtion

Bradstone slab patio

This small new patio was designed using slabs from the Bradstone Old Riven range. It has a recessed manhole cover installed to replace the old and ugly cast iron cover that was there. This allows the new slabs to flow through the patio area with minimal focus on the manhole cover.
We left a versatile and user friendly patio area for the client to use for many years to come.

Bradstone Woven patio …. Billericay, Essex

This new patio installation is a favourite of ours for sure. It was created using Bradston Woven slabs and the overall effect is a very unusual patio area that the client now has a great talking point with their summer guests.

 Bradstone Woven patio .... new patio installtion Billericay, Essex
 Natural stone patio.... Windsor, Berkshire - new patio install

 Natural stone patio…. Windsor, Berkshire

This bespoke patio and steps was installed to an exclusive house opposite Windsor Castle itself! The house was developed at a huge cost and the outside area was created accordingly.
        These slabs were specially ordered for this project to leave a luxurious patio in keeping to the house for them to entertain their many guests on.

Natural stone patio and paths….Hanningfield, Essex

        This new patio and path installation was created using Indian Sandstone slabs with a Riven edging detail to finish. The patio was specifically designed and installed to the clients exact wishes to compliment the cottage and a new barn conversion at his home.

Natural stone new patio and paths.... installed at Hanningfield, Essex
 Natural Stone new patio installation Harpenden, Hertfordshire

Natural Stone patio… Harpenden, Hertfordshire

         This Indian Sandstone patio and steps were installed with full landscaping on a new build property to create a spectacular garden space that made sure the house sold very quickly indeed!

Natural-stone-patio…. – Windsor

        This bespoke patio installation was for a client that required a patio that stood out from his neighbours. This we feel was a success! The new patio included new brick walling and gates to finish this beautiful design that is fully in keeping with the affluent area it is located in.

Natural-stone-patio.... new patio installationFaversham..-Kent

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