Natural Stone Swimming Pool Project Completed

roxwell_poolWe have recently completed the cleaning of a natural stone swimming pool surround. The stone slabs develop a dirty and green surface throughout the winter months which is not only unsightly, it can be dangerous when it becomes wet as it has a very slippery surface to boot!
The cleaning process will remove all of the above to leave a slab that returns to its vibrant colouring as it was when first laid. It would be recommended to use a water only cleaning system, firstly through a high pressure rotary jet cleaner, then the use of a high pressure lance to finish the dirty edges and any stubborn marks.
Care must be taken when using a high pressure lance on natural stone as the stone surface can very easily be damaged by the intensity of the water jet. This can leave marks in the stone, or indeed even lift parts of the stone surface away.
Never use an acid based cleaner on natural stone slabs as this will attack the surface and can dis-colour the surface area treated.

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