Driveway and Patio cleaning

With summer on its way, now is the time to start to focus on having your driveway or patio professionally cleaned. The major advantage  of using a company like Block Paving Maintenance, is the many years of experience we have accumulated in the process of cleaning driveways and patios and also that the commercial pressure washers we use are of a much higher water pressure than any domestic washer you yourself can purchase from say a garden centre.
The outside tap water source is connected to the pressure washer and the in built pump converts the water from your tap to a much much higher pressure when it exits the pump. This pressure, when used with a rotary jet surface cleaner, will ensure a perfect and even clean on any hard surface, whilst the rotary cleaner contains the majority of the mess and water within its design. This keeps the mess associated with pressure washing down to  a minimum.
When a professionally cleaned surface is compared to a “domestically” cleaned surface, the finished article is a hugely cleaner and vibrant surface.
Once the surface has been cleaned and is dry, any minor repairs to slab pointing that has broken over time can be repaired and finished as needed.
If it was block paving that was cleaned, it is important to brush new kiln fried sand into the block paving joints as soon as possible in order to stop any airborne seeds getting into the gaps on the surface of the block paving. This would of course lead to weeds growing between the block paving joints very quickly. With the kiln dried sand “topped” up, any seeds are more likely to blow across the surface and away without settling into the joints.

A newly cleaned driveway will become a feature to the front of your house once again and a cleaned patio will open up the rear of your home to being a much more pleasurable place to be in the summer months ahead.

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