BPM Complete Hertfordshire Project

patio_windsorWe have recently completed a project on a £2 million new build house. We were contracted to install a new driveway and patio area to the new house.
The driveway was installed in a cobbled effect paving in a Autumn Gold colouring to complement the nature and build of the house. This was completed in a “permeable” paving system as per the 2008 SUDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) regulations regarding all new driveway builds. The permeable paving systems allow all of the surface water on the paving to disperse down through the joints and into the underlying sub soils. This helps to reduce the amount of water being directed into the existing underwater sewer drains, that in very heavy down pours can no longer cope with the water being channeled into them.
“Traditional” block paving can be used to install a domestic driveway so long as the surface water is directed to say a water garden or to drainage that has been constructed to disperse into a new soak away at the property.  No surface water may cross from the property onto the public highway and into the existing drainage there.
If you need any more information regarding the SUDS regulations, you can find this on the Enviroment Agency website.

The patio area to the property was created using natural sandstone slabs. This incorporated raised a BBQ area and stepped areas to the garden.
The laying of patios does not come under the SUDS regulations, so this can be laid to allow the surface water to drain either to run off areas or indeed to the existing rain water drains.

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